The pace of developments at organisations is such that the professional development of the people and teams poses a major challenge to today’s organisational efficiency.

Depending on your needs and requirements, the kind of coaching we provide may be geared to the individual, the team or the organisation.

In amongst other things, coaching allows people to recharge their batteries, get to know each other better, come up with fresh solutions, hone and train their skills … In the same as there is no point in pulling on the turf to get the grass to grow, the development of people answers to very specific conditions to manifest itself and come to full maturation. In ways that we still have not quite fathomed!

Our interventions

Depending on your needs, Adgility provides coaching on an individual basis or to groups.

Coaching efforts may relate to:

  • regaining one professional balance;
  • detecting and developing one’s talents and putting them to good use;
  • career guidance;
  • leadership development;
  • reintegration plan further to sickness;

The jump-off point for our coaching services is most often the InterQualia assessment.

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