Building and developing teams is an art in its own right. Few leaders really understand the dos and don’ts  or the secrets behind this endeavour. Finding the time to get to grips with an art form you have not got the hang of is a tall order. Which explains why the natural instinct of business leaders to focus on results much more than on building the conditions for success.

The swiftness with which certain changes need to be implemented nowadays often requires outside involvement and expertise. All the more so as the natural rate of maturation of groups of people (teams) is considerably slower than the pace of modern-day organisations. Yet, the results which a highly seasoned team is capable of delivering are undermined by the unrelenting pressure to land results. Good interpersonal relations are vectors of emotional health and employee satisfaction in the long term.

Fully tailored

In close consultation with yourselves, Adgility designs tailor-made interventions that meet the development needs of your teams. Our approach is pragmatic, innovative, fun and energising.

We do not stage activities such as tree-top adventure courses, team cooking, karting, etc. Instead, we set up role-playing exercises to learn, understand and identify the improvements through the actual experiences encountered during our interventions.

The most commonly encountered situations include:

  • Creating or merging teams;
  • Stimulating cohesion within your team;
  • Developing your organisation’s  mission, vision and values;
  • Resolving conflicts and tensions; eliminating bottlenecks;
  • Boosting the potential of your teams;

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